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Vaqueros Sports

Our theme this year has taken on three components, just like the triangular support on the field. 


First is the latin “E pluribus unum” translated as "Out of many, one"(alternate translation "One from many").  We come together as athletes, forming a team with mutual goals driving us.


Second is the aerobic, high-energy dolphin which must spend most of it’s time hunting to survive.  But when a pod member becomes weak from sickness or injured, others will set aside their own need’s to come to it’s rescue.  A pair of dolphins, one on each side, will stay beside it, lifting it to the surface to breathe each breath – sometimes for days at a time – until it recovers the strength to survive for itself. Just as we support each member of our team to become stronger.


To complete the triangle are the motivating words often given as the Spartans (Vaqueros) go off to battle, "E tan, e epi tan", which is translated from Greek "Either this, or upon this". Team work and unity are what make us strong.  Working on and off the field to never give up, fighting to the end.  From the grass to the turf no one player is stronger or better alone than we as a team. This is our creed driving us to become the best that we can be.   
"We Are Vaqueros"

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